It goes without saying internet users are now getting smarter day by day. Now they don’t want to download a huge amount of software on the device and take the workload of maintenance and update of all those. Now with just a simple browser, you can use hundreds of software a day without downloading any software on your device. Software as a service (SaaS) makes it possible and that’s why it gains unbelievable popularity day by day. 

What does software as a service (SaaS) exactly mean?

Saas is the most familiar and most popular way of software marketing nowadays. SaaS actually means the software delivery system where a cloud provider provides software access to their customers though he isn’t the actual vendor of that software. And internet users use that software on payment to the cloud providers. Through this model, commonly cloud providers host different popular software to make them available for common internet users. As a result, users can use software just by going to a specific site, and all the features of that software are available there. So, they don’t have to download any software and take care of maintenance or update of that software. Other names of the “software as a service” model are “on-demand software,” “Web-based software,” and “Web-hosted software.”

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Some software as a service examples are Salesforce, Dropbox, MailChimp, ZenDesk, DocuSign, BigCommerce, Google Apps, Slack, and the like. Actually, all the web applications that we can use on our browsers like Google Chrome or Firefox, fall under the SaaS category. Due to so many advantages in this system, the SaaS product business is now very common among top rated cloud providers.  

How does the system actually run?

To deeply understand the software as a service process, you should take a look at the cloud computing system. You know there are three forms of cloud computing- Infrastructure as a service (IaaS), Platform as a service (PaaS), and SaaS. The last one is a fundamental cloud computing type and that’s why many people search for SaaS in cloud computing. 

SaaS works through a cloud delivery model where the software users (end users) don’t need to download the software on their devices. They can easily use the software on their browser just like they do other things on their browsers. 


In this system, cloud providers upload software on their own server and make that software accessible to their customers. So when a user gets access to such software they can use all the features of it though they don’t download it on their device. Even the end users don’t have to pay the subscription to the actual software vendor. As the end users use the service of cloud providers so they (users) pay them the subscription (determined by cloud providers).

In this way, a simple cloud provider may work as an independent software vendor. A good many IT professionals are now using this model as the marketing of software to B2B and B2C users is easier with this method. And, on the other hand, the users can use the software most conveniently as they can use such just by going to a specific site.

SaaS benefits that will surprise you

Using the SaaS model is now very common in software marketing as there are so many SaaS advantages. If you take a look at the public cloud (SaaS) market you’ll get the truth.

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Now, not only “software as a service companies” but common marketers use this model. If you go through the offering of software providing platforms you’ll see so many software as a service example. Besides the marketers, the SaaS model is really useful to the users as well. Now we’ll show you some software as a service benefits that will really surprise you. 

1. Hassle free task completion 

From the user’s perspective, this model is useful because using it a user can use software without downloading, updating, or maintaining anything on his device. He just needs to browse a site and start to use the software. 

It’s really amazing to all the end users and in this way, they can complete their tasks in a hassle free environment.

2. Always using updated features

In the traditional software using system, you have to keep your discreet eye on the software updates. Otherwise, you will not be able to use the updated versions, and thereby you will miss so many amazing features. 

On the other hand, in software as a service model, the liability of updating software lies on cloud providers- they will take care of this issue.

3. Better customization for rapid boosting of your business

Commonly you can customize applications and through this, you may integrate one application with your other business applications. But it’s not possible at all in the traditional software download and use method.

4. Getting access from different devices 

If you download software on your device you only can use the software on the device. But if you are familiar with the SaaS model you don’t need to carry a certain device with you. 

From anywhere or with different devices like laptop, Mac, Android, or smartphone you will be able to use the software you need. Even the configuration of your device is not a matter that you have to consider in using SaaS products.

5. Vertical scalability offering

In the common software download and use system all the users see and use the same option. But, on demand of users, software as a service companies can offer fewer or more features. This feature is highly useful for both beginners and expert users. 

6. A highly profitable business in 2022

Cloud computing systems are gaining unbelievable popularity among software vendors over the years. Even new internet users are after SaaS products as they can provide many amenities. 

As the demand for SaaS products is very high, it might be one of the best profit making businesses for you in 2022.

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